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We at Stealth Transport Group are so excited to share our recent shipment for 20TH Century FOX where we transported for them a 65 foot River Queen House boat from Michigan State to Puerto Rico for a movie being filmed called : “The Deep Blue Goodbye” produced by Leonardo Dicaprio and starring Christian Bale.

Unlike the movies what it took in real life to coordinate the transportation of this vessel was quite the act!

We would like this time to take you behind the scenes where we at Stealth Transport Group handled every aspect of the move ensuring that 20TH Century FOX received the ultimate in customer service! This is where we coordinated all details from working with Michigan State police and Department of Transportation. Our office facilitated all aspects of trucking while ensuring all necessary permits and escorts were put in place as well as handled all dispatch and communications. Our office not only handled the over land transportation to the Port of Jacksonville, FL but had also made all arrangements for the overseas portion as well. We coordinated with the port everything from the loading, offloading, all customs documentation and of course, last but not least were able to provide them the very best rate!

The adventure, however did not stop there as 20TH Century Fox was so thrilled with our services they flew us down to beautiful Puerto Rico all expenses paid where we had the fortunate opportunity to be invited to an amazing dinner event as well as their studio offices. We are so thankful to Fox Studios and are very happy that they were so pleased with our services, in fact they have already referred us to Warner Brothers. It truly was a great experience and although unfortunately it’s over now, like they say in the movies, “The show must go on…”
We would like this article to serve to the public as an example of the level of customer service we provide here at Stealth Transport Group and the personal attention to detail it takes in order to provide the very important service of boat and yacht shipping. The transportation of boats and yachts is a serious business and in order to ensure the highest level of customer service in which most discerning clients come to expect, all details must be handled with the up-most importance in mind.

When selecting the right company to handle the transportation of your boat or yacht, we hope that you will keep Stealth Transport Group in mind when it comes to handling all of your shipping needs!